Full Version: Post Your Setup
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Here is my setup...

I7 4790k (Corsair H100i V2)
1080 Strix OC
ASUS Maximus VII Extreme edition Mobo
32gb Corsair Vengence 2400hz Ram
2 SSD's (250gb)
Couple tb hard drives.
NZXT h440 case

Logitech g810 Keyboard
Logitech g900 Mouse
Logitech g933 White LE wireless headset
BenQ XL2720Z 144hz 27inch monitor.

[Image: hXZu31ma6-WXbW81xT77NC32t7_Evck6lUrE5BIB...56-h931-no]
[Image: fJcWylD-KzcedwCofIQGhoa6wZlqeaTpgScRjRUB...56-h931-no]
[Image: P0WaOrLeoWwmjmQIV04PTZ0XkZNIxmX89EJHtRtt...24-h931-no]