Full Version: I to the B to the H to the O to the P: What does that spell! Ibhop
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Hello my name is Ibhop. I love playing video games! I play varity of games from Mobas to Fps to MMOs to most games genres you can name. I also like playing with other people on these games because it makes the experience even better! While playing with others, I do like to play both seriously or (if we are relaxing and chilling) play for the fun, and not be so serious. I recently found this website, and tried out the csgo servers. I found them to be very enjoyable and fun to play on. I look forward to being part of an awesome community, help the server reach its highest potential, and one day being admin to help further!
Howdy howdy, I am Frank, nice to meet you. I do things so I will probably see you around. Thank you for signing up!