by ToxicFrank at 06-21-2017, 10:34 PM
Here is my setup...

I7 4790k (Corsair H100i V2)
1080 Strix OC
ASUS Maximus VII Extreme edition Mobo
32gb Corsair Vengence 2400hz Ram
2 SSD's (250gb)
Couple tb hard drives.
NZXT h440 case

Logitech g810 Keyboard
Logitech g900 Mouse
Logitech g933 White LE wireless headset
BenQ XL2720Z 144hz 27inch monitor.

[Image: hXZu31ma6-WXbW81xT77NC32t7_Evck6lUrE5BIB...56-h931-no]
[Image: fJcWylD-KzcedwCofIQGhoa6wZlqeaTpgScRjRUB...56-h931-no]
[Image: P0WaOrLeoWwmjmQIV04PTZ0XkZNIxmX89EJHtRtt...24-h931-no]
by Lilly! at 06-10-2017, 05:25 AM
I'm Lilly. I'm gay. I'm your local lesbian, please contact me if you have any gay questions. Also happy pride month y'all, be gay, shed your light. By the way I'm the local GFX artist here at toxic. If you like something done for you're stream or whatever then I'd be happy to help get something done for you!
by ToxicFrank at 06-09-2017, 03:43 PM
Wanna play games and win money? You could potentially win $75 dollars every 3 months by just playing. How?

As a thank you from us to you for choosing our servers we have decided to introduce quarterly tournaments. Every 3 months winners will be selected and each will receive $25. We will select the top ranked player from both the 1v1 and retake servers to automatically win $25 and the third will be selected from the top 10 players from 1v1 and retakes as well as 1 additional vote for the top ranked players from each. This means that if you win the retakes bracket you will receive $25 as well as have 2 entries in the drawing for the other $25. You could really go big and win both retakes and 1v1 and have a 4/22 or 2/11 chance of winning the last $25 to add to your $50. 

How will we pay?
This is completely up to you, we can pay VIA PayPal, Steam Gift Cards, Game codes of your choice, or in-game items for any game of equal value to the $25.

How do I know where I am currently ranked among others?
You can check the tournament standings anytime by clicking here

This all sounds really good but there have to be some restrictions right?
Yes, there are always going to be some basic rules. Not only do we see this as a method to give back to the people that keep our servers online but we see it as a way to expand our community and get people to meet each other. What this means is we want everyone to follow the rules below:
  1.  Be registered on our forums and have your steam ID linked to your forum account, see pictures at the bottom on how to do this.
  2. Have a clean record as far as bans go. We will only consider the current quarter so if you can stay clean for the 3 months you will be eligible, if not you can still compete in the next quarter. 
  3. Keep it clean, don't use friends or other bugs to boost score, we can check.
Will this be an ongoing event?
Yes! Assuming this goes successfully we will be continuing every quarter. One way we generate revenue to pay for the servers and website is through ads played on the servers and donations. We believe in being as transparent with you all as possible so we'll be upfront about our costs. We have to buy server tokens 3 times a week per server as they get banned for using !knife and !ws. Another expense is the actual server that hosts all of our servers, that costs us over $50 a month. We then have to consider the website which isn't too terrible coming in at just a little over $130 a year with all the included domains, SSL certs, and add-ons. Then we have the giveaways and tournaments. Basically, the more money we generate from ads (this comes down to the amount of people playing) goes towards expenses with giveaways, tournaments and uncovered overhead being covered out of pocket.  If at some point we completely covered our cost we would not keep the money for ourselves, we would invest the extra capital back into more servers and if money still seems to stack up we will increase giveaway frequency and tournament winnings. It would be awesome to give out $100+ every tournament for each prize but that would be a long term goal.

Got any tips?
The only tip I could think of would be if you find yourself struggling to get into the servers consider donating to get a reserved slot, this way you will always be able to play and rack up the points. 

How do I add my steamID to the forums account?
Very easy! There are two methods, if you are reading this without registering on registration you will be prompted to add your steamID in a required registration field. If you already have an account OR make your account using twitch, steam or another authentication method all you'll need to do is going to "User CP" in the top right under the arrow. Click the little blue cog on the left side of your screen and enter your steamID in the box. Please make sure that your steam ID starts with STEAM_1:... as the rankme plugin uses STEAM_1 instead of STEAM_0. Different sites will give you a different number there but your ID is the same with the 0 or the 1 so you can change the 0 to a 1 and not affect anything. 

Good luck!
by ToxicFrank at 05-30-2017, 03:25 PM
The following rules apply to every server and also the forums (this includes TeamSpeak):

  1. No Racism/sexism or other derogatory remarks towards another player. 
  2. No Flaming other players
  3. No mic spam (this includes soundboard, music, screaming, static, and anything thing else that is an annoyance to other players)
  4. No Cheating 
  5. Be considerate, keep swearing to a moderate amount. 
  6. Be respectful to all players
  7. Admins have final say, respect their warnings
  8. English only, most of our staff only speak English, we can't moderate effectively if we don't know what you're saying. Keep your conversations to TeamSpeak, discord, Ventrilo or Skype. 
  9. CS:GO is for mature audiences, we expect our members to fall within that category, immaturity will result in a kick or ban.
  10. No Trolling
  11. No Griefing
Keep the servers fun for all by following these rules, failure to do so will result in termination from our servers and services.
by ToxicFrank at 05-22-2017, 05:39 PM
ToxicRevolution's Custom Ranking panel (TCRP)

What is TCRP?
  • TCRP allows our users to view their stats as well as other users stats for KZ, BHOP, RankMe and the 1v1 servers. 
What are other features included in TCRP?
  • With TCRP we will have top 10 leaderboards for each server as well as the ability to view server stats such as total players, server trends such as how many people join per day or month. You will also be able to view banned users from the servers muted players.
Who is working on TCRP and what is used?
  • ToxicFrank and Kennyl are currently the developers behind TCRP making sure all issues are worked out and that the system works properly. TCRP is written using Jquery libraries as well as a PHP backend. Some of the libraries include Datatables, Chart.js, and various others. 
Can I help?
  • Yes! Let Kenny or myself know and we can find a way to get you in on it with us!
I am from another community, can we use TCRP?
  • Currently, we are not giving away TCRP, the main reason being the sheer amount of customization done to make it work for our community. If we released this web panel to the world it would not perform to the expectations of any other community. If you want a custom version of TCRP written for your community to ask Kenny or me and we can work out some sort of deal. Unfortunately, any custom panels like this are not free works. 
What Does this panel look like so far?
  • See images below!
[Image: 7dCuFHW.png]

[Image: cSQJJ67.png]

More will come! Stay tuned for more development updates!
by kennyL at 05-20-2017, 11:55 PM
Over the past week or so we have done lots with our servers. First we are on a new server. We lost our KZ record bots, this is because with the last server move the bots didn't seem to work correctly again so this time I just didn't bother trying to move them this time around.

Most of our servers now are running WS, Knife, and Gloves as well as the 1v1 server running !store.

The servers that are up can be found here: 
  • Retakes 1:
  • Retakes 2:
  • Retakes 3:
  • 1v1 1:


I am still working on our bhop server, it doesn't seem to want to cooperate right now but it will. Also call admin is coming, but right this second it isn't hooked up to anything....

Please let me know of any issues we have with the servers. You can post here on the forums, on the steam group, my steam profile, or add me on steam!

Enjoy the servers Big Grin
by ToxicFrank at 05-20-2017, 11:38 PM
Hi everyone, KennyL is very busy setting up new servers, please let us know what you would like to see or if we are doing a good job as is! Our plan right now is to have 3 retakes, 1 1v1, 1 kz, 1 bhop server and 1 private 10 man server. Let us know what you think!
by Ibhop at 05-20-2017, 11:18 PM
Hello my name is Ibhop. I love playing video games! I play varity of games from Mobas to Fps to MMOs to most games genres you can name. I also like playing with other people on these games because it makes the experience even better! While playing with others, I do like to play both seriously or (if we are relaxing and chilling) play for the fun, and not be so serious. I recently found this website, and tried out the csgo servers. I found them to be very enjoyable and fun to play on. I look forward to being part of an awesome community, help the server reach its highest potential, and one day being admin to help further!
by ToxicFrank at 05-04-2017, 07:22 PM
For use with CS:GO Rank Me.

  • ToxicRevolution rankme web interface is an alternative to the simple web interface provided with the rank me plugin. The interface is written in PHP and will allow you to connect with your database (mySQL only) to display leader boards and search individual users for their stats. 
  • Andy Petrzilka (ToxicFrank)
  • Kenny Lindelof (kennyL)
Extra Info
  • Go to the github for installation steps, restrictions and extra information.
[Image: rankmeweb,medium_large.1483547468.jpg]

[Image: index.PNG]

[Image: leaderboardTable.PNG]

[Image: search.PNG]

[Image: servers.PNG]

[Image: admin.PNG]

[Image: install.PNG]
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