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Update on the servers - kennyL - 05-20-2017

Over the past week or so we have done lots with our servers. First we are on a new server. We lost our KZ record bots, this is because with the last server move the bots didn't seem to work correctly again so this time I just didn't bother trying to move them this time around.

Most of our servers now are running WS, Knife, and Gloves as well as the 1v1 server running !store.

The servers that are up can be found here: 
  • Retakes 1:
  • Retakes 2:
  • Retakes 3:
  • 1v1 1:


I am still working on our bhop server, it doesn't seem to want to cooperate right now but it will. Also call admin is coming, but right this second it isn't hooked up to anything....

Please let me know of any issues we have with the servers. You can post here on the forums, on the steam group, my steam profile, or add me on steam!

Enjoy the servers Big Grin

RE: Update on the servers - ToxicFrank - 05-21-2017

I might enjoy the servers... even though they have your germs all over them.

RE: Update on the servers - kennyL - 05-21-2017


RE: Update on the servers - ToxicFrank - 05-21-2017