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CSGO Rank Me Web interface Development
For use with CS:GO Rank Me.

  • ToxicRevolution rankme web interface is an alternative to the simple web interface provided with the rank me plugin. The interface is written in PHP and will allow you to connect with your database (mySQL only) to display leader boards and search individual users for their stats. 
  • Andy Petrzilka (ToxicFrank)
  • Kenny Lindelof (kennyL)
Extra Info
  • Go to the github for installation steps, restrictions and extra information.
[Image: rankmeweb,medium_large.1483547468.jpg]

[Image: index.PNG]

[Image: leaderboardTable.PNG]

[Image: search.PNG]

[Image: servers.PNG]

[Image: admin.PNG]

[Image: install.PNG]

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CSGO Rank Me Web interface Development - by ToxicFrank - 05-04-2017, 07:22 PM

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