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Server Rules
The following rules apply to every server and also the forums (this includes TeamSpeak):

  1. No Racism/sexism or other derogatory remarks towards another player. 
  2. No Flaming other players
  3. No mic spam (this includes soundboard, music, screaming, static, and anything thing else that is an annoyance to other players)
  4. No Cheating 
  5. Be considerate, keep swearing to a moderate amount. 
  6. Be respectful to all players
  7. Admins have final say, respect their warnings
  8. English only, most of our staff only speak English, we can't moderate effectively if we don't know what you're saying. Keep your conversations to TeamSpeak, discord, Ventrilo or Skype. 
  9. CS:GO is for mature audiences, we expect our members to fall within that category, immaturity will result in a kick or ban.
  10. No Trolling
  11. No Griefing
Keep the servers fun for all by following these rules, failure to do so will result in termination from our servers and services.
$array = array("age"=>"21", "Name"=>"Andy Petrzilka", "Location"=>"Lincoln Nebraska", "Hobbies"=>"Paintballing, coding and gaming", "Job"=>"Web Developer, IT and Systems Admin");
foreach ($array as $item => $key){
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