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Custom ToxicRevolution Rank Webpage
ToxicRevolution's Custom Ranking panel (TCRP)

What is TCRP?
  • TCRP allows our users to view their stats as well as other users stats for KZ, BHOP, RankMe and the 1v1 servers. 
What are other features included in TCRP?
  • With TCRP we will have top 10 leaderboards for each server as well as the ability to view server stats such as total players, server trends such as how many people join per day or month. You will also be able to view banned users from the servers muted players.
Who is working on TCRP and what is used?
  • ToxicFrank and Kennyl are currently the developers behind TCRP making sure all issues are worked out and that the system works properly. TCRP is written using Jquery libraries as well as a PHP backend. Some of the libraries include Datatables, Chart.js, and various others. 
Can I help?
  • Yes! Let Kenny or myself know and we can find a way to get you in on it with us!
I am from another community, can we use TCRP?
  • Currently, we are not giving away TCRP, the main reason being the sheer amount of customization done to make it work for our community. If we released this web panel to the world it would not perform to the expectations of any other community. If you want a custom version of TCRP written for your community to ask Kenny or me and we can work out some sort of deal. Unfortunately, any custom panels like this are not free works. 
What Does this panel look like so far?
  • See images below!
[Image: 7dCuFHW.png]

[Image: cSQJJ67.png]

More will come! Stay tuned for more development updates!
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